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Digital guitars

Mark McKenzie is an awesome guitarist, highly fluid, fluent and versatile. He`s also a great teacher. Mark has just finished filming the video for the Sultans of Swing tutorial for Song Pond and sitting here in the office, just kicking back with a coffee, it`s a pleasure to listen to the riffs in the edit […]

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Guitars on Fire – Ring the Alarm

No, I’m not talking about Dizzee Rascal, Fu-Snchickens or Tenor Saw. Every now and then we have a fire drill. I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave my favourite Stratocaster Plus in a burning building: it’s been to Washington State, New York City, France, California, the U.K. and all around Aotearoa. Cremation is not on […]

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Sultans of Swing

Mark McKenzie one of our Song Pond tutors has just rolled in fresh from a serious work out by the looks of things. I don`t know if that`s anything to do with his guitar prowess and fretboard lucidity, but maybe. After all, Freddie King worked days in a steel mill. Mark is definitely an interesting […]

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14 Musicians Who Created Their Own Sound

While I clean up my strat (and mess about restringing) let’s have a look at the soul – technique – equipment thing. Consider the John Butler Trio for example; how many fellas do you know who use an acoustic twelve string with a wah wah and a gravel box? It certainly makes for a unique sound. […]

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Percussive Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Moses, one of our guitar tutors, rocks. Moses is working on some syncopated, percussive acoustic methods, using hammer on, pull off, open string and sound board rhythm techniques. Today Moses is using an Ibanez Artwood acoustic guitar with a very rich, warm, coffee roasted tone.  It`s really nice to combine this style of playing with […]

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