December 11, 2023

8 Internet learning resources for guitarists

In my opinion, the Internet is one of the best things we have seen in our era. Information is just one click away and your guitar learning can definitely improve from stuff you find on the web. That is why you are here…AND it’s the reason why we’re here too.

We’ve been providing guitar learning resources for almost ten years now and we will keep doing so for as long as the Internet exists (can you imagine a world without internet?).

But for all the good information that is available on the Internet there is just as much bad information, so I’ve decided to put together a few online resources that can definitely help you on your journey to become a better guitarist.

To start with, online music stores are worth visiting and not just when you’re purchasing goods online but also to find out what is happening in gear land; the good, the not so good and what you can expect to pay for goods.

Online music stores always tend to have reviews by other users about the range of products they sell and sometimes the store staff can be seen reviewing the latest release. So to start this list these two stores are the ones I always end up visiting:

1. – Great deals and a vast catalogue.
2. – Always great reviews about most products on this website and they also have the lowest price available on the web, don’t ask me how or why.

Now, lets get into the learning resources field… which is where I wanted to get!

3. Jamorama Chordbook – I’m a Jamorama member and I learned to play guitar with the course we provide, so I can assure you, you will definitely learn to play the guitar basics with our Beginners course, but one unsung resource we offer is our super helpful-high quality online Chordbook, which you can also download as a PDF.

4. – What is a better learning and practicing tool than a Metronome? If you are using our Jamorama Beginners to Advanced course you probably are using our Jamorama Metronome, however, if you are hunting out there for the free stuff, this metronome is by far the best free metronome online. It is very accurate and easy to use, I have to admit that if they could add a TAP option that would be super helpful when you are wanting to find the tempo of a particular track. But, overall, a great metronome online!

5. Guitar Chords and Scales
 – Something very similar to our Chordbook is the super easy to use I found that this is a great learning tool for chords and intervals but also guitar scales which I am learning at the moment and believe me, this resource might not be nicest to look at but it does help you a lot; it will definitely advance your playing skills and knowledge.

6. A free guitar tuner – For those of you struggling to get your guitar in tune, here is a very complete online tuner with the theory on how to tune your guitar and also its popular Tune-O-Matic, where you can learn to tune by ear – extremely easy to use, check it out.

7. – There are heaps of learn-to-play songs sites out there but for those of you who are of a classic rock persausion, is probably the best one out there as it contains only the classics! Zeppelin, Eagles, Pink Floyd and Hendrix just to name a few. Free trial available, so definitely worth checking out.

8. Tab site. Tab and more Tab, Songsterr is probably the best TAB site on the net. It has a huge TAB library for free but also has its Songsterr plus with some great advantages. If you are a TAB reader wanting to expand your repertoire, is probably the best place to go.

Do you have another learning resource not listed here? Please share it on a comment, I am sure it will help other guitarists!

Enjoy and Learn!

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