December 12, 2023

A True Rock Star Recipe | David Mckinnon from Jamorama

David Mckinnon from Jamorama is bringing the Rock Star to MasterChef New Zealand.  David had a sizzling Debut on the first episode by taking our the “Golden Apron”, this took him from the top 25 into the top 16 and a place in the MasterChef house. This means he cooked the best dish out of hundreds that auditioned for the judges in season three. We have had to pick up his projects while he has some time off to participate in the show and he even managed to do some admin while away!

He cooked steak,chips and salad with special sauces and blew the judges away with no room for improvement. We laugh about this because he has always been searching for the perfect steak and often cooks at our bbq’s when we get together. It seems all that practice has fully paid off. 

We are now through 10 weeks of episodes and he is currently in the top 8. It’s been exciting to watch him do an all night bakery challenge, nail a fast food challenge, and make canapes on a Navy boat. It sounds like he had an absolute blast being part of the reality TV program which is quite popular here in New Zealand.

Last weekend, David Mckinnon from Jamorama went to a local polytechnic that raised money for the school to send a couple students overseas on a exchange program. One of the creatives from the art department crafted a guitar made from cardboard, they put up for auction on the night. Dave went down to the school and helped a few of the students work on their signature dish. Its good to get out there and add value in the community.

He has put together a website to share his passion for food and progress of his journey through MasterChef New Zealand season 3. He would love your support if you enjoy watching the show or have a passion for cooking. Check out his website here or his Facebook page if food related posts are something you also enjoy.

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