December 12, 2023

Acoustic amplifiers 1

I know that a lot of you out there are acoustic guitar players and there is definitely a growing market of affordable, portable acoustic amplifiers available for those of you without a wheelbarrow of cash sitting rotting in the rain at your back door.

SWR Strawberry Blonde.

SWR’s Strawberry Blonde acoustic instrument amplifier has always been much more than the California Blonde’s “little sister”! The Strawberry Blonde is the amplifier of choice for acoustic players seeking a clean, true, full-range amplifier for their guitars, mandolins, violins, violas, cellos, autoharps, bouzoukis, lutes, dulcimers, banhus—anything acoustic that needs to be louder. The new Strawberry Blonde II stays faithful to the popular features and tone of the original while adding some new updated features: a tuning mute switch, a ¼” balanced input and an upgraded power amp for more headroom and efficiency.

This is a hardcore and rugged acoustic amp more suited to band situations for those who prefer a single pickup approach to acoustic playing rather than those who enjoy using microphones.

Fender Acoustasonic 2

Fender’s new Acoustasonic SFX II amplifier is the perfect “all-in-one” instrument/vocal amp for clubs, churches, the coffeehouse, or simply losing yourself in shimmering stereo sound in the privacy of your own home!

This dual 80-watt combo houses an 8” low-frequency driver, high-frequency tweeter and side-radiating 6” speaker to maximize our exclusive Stereo Field Expansion (SFX) technology for whole-room, more-than-stereo imagery.

Two separate instrument and microphone channels have individual EQ, feedback notch, and DSP select and level controls. Our patented String Dynamics™ control tames harsh treble notes. DSP effects include reverb, delay, chorus, vibratone and more, all optimized especially for acoustic performers. XLR line-out with level control and ground lift allows perfect direct input to any mixer, and auxiliary RCA inputs with level control make it easy to add a drum machine or CD player accompaniment.

Its a heavy unit so get yourself a roadie with your spare cash – Richie Blackmore is using one of these.


The Ecoustic 110 EFX has been designed to get the most out of electrical instruments that have delicate tonal ranges and special nuances that may not be heard through standard amps. Whether you play acoustic guitar, violin, or harmonica, this amp is the answer for those hard-to-EQ acoustic instruments. It also works great for vocals. The Ecoustic uses special buffers, EQ and feedback controls to capture the true essence of acoustic sound.

L R  Baggs

Baggs are reknowned for their acoustic guitar pickups so their entry into the amp marketplace should come as no surprise. Chris Martin of Coldplay uses an M1 pickup.

If you`ve got money then have alook at the LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier, a product of three years’ intensive development, blends cutting edge loudspeaker design, analog and digital circuit technology and industrial design to redefine the way that acoustic guitar and vocals should be amplified.

At the heart of the amplifier is a patented Balanced Mode Radiator. The BMR is a new type of loudspeaker that has its world debut in the Acoustic Reference Amplifier. It creates and radiates sound in a fundamentally different and better way. This groundbreaking innovation is the brainchild of the eminent speaker designer Dr. Graham Bank and was specifically adapted for acoustic guitar in collaboration with our engineers.

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Jake Edwards

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