December 12, 2023

Adrian Belew

History and future of guitar!

Any King Crimson fans out there?
I consider myself lucky enough to have heard KC when I was only 12, thanks to my sisters boyfriend. He was into Prog-rock and he introduced me to Rush and King Crimson on the same day. I have to admit that it was a huge dose of prog-rock for a 12 year old kid in just one day, but I also have to admit that it was awesome listening to that and since then I consider myself a huge fan of prog-rock and of course King Crimson!

So Adrian Belew, a big side of Crimson’s brain and probably one of the most versatile guitarists on planet earth. If you have followed Belew during his very extensive career – nearly twenty solo albums + King Crimsons, Zappa and more – you know that he has played from very soft, acoustic pop rock to the most crazy and innovative guitar sounds that could only come from his secret fingers and alien touched brain!

Check out this beautiful song by KC, “Matte Kudasai” which means Please wait in Japanese. Included in “The Acoustic Vol.1” album by Adrian Belew:

And PLEASE check out Adrian Belew Power Trio:

By the way, there is a DVD available from Adrian Belew Power Trio live in Germany, visit Adrian’s site for more information.

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