December 13, 2023

Ampeg’s New GVT Tube Guitar Amplifiers

In October of 2011, Ampeg announced the release of their latest all tube, GVT Series Guitar Amps inspired by the classic, no-nonsense Ampeg stylings of the 70’s. The all American tone is achieved through the use of 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes.

The new range offers a selection of amps with different power ratings from the 5-watt right up to 50-watt and include the option of a separate head unit and cabinet or an all in one combo unit. You can even add an extension cab if you need some extra juice.

All amps have dual power modes and can be switched to half power for when you’re playing in a smaller venue or practicing at lower volumes. You’ll still get the warm, saturated, tube sound, just without the neighbor-annoying volume.

The Baxandall EQ provides true flexibility with enhanced tone control over and above previous designs and with stunning black looks and simple and straight-forward design, you’ll have no trouble tweaking the sound to your liking.

The 15 and 50-watt options have an added Mid EQ knob added before the highs and lows so it acts as a second gain stage for the amp as well as altering the mid frequency. There is also the additional of the spring reverb effect and a series effects loop which are both foot-switchable.

The amps react dynamically to the players’ attack, so by merely adjusting your picking ferocity and winding back the volume knob on your guitar, you can achieve a warm clean sound without having to touch the amp.

The GVT extension cabinets feature Celestion ® Vintage 30 speakers while the combos feature the Celestion ® Original series speaker designs. These are well matched to beautifully translate the feel of these all-tube amplifiers.

And to top it off, they come with rugged good looks to ensure they provide you with years of uncompromised gig worthy tone.

Check out this Youtube video from the guys at TheMusicFarm:

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