December 12, 2023

Andrew Winton

I don’t know about you but listening to a well played lap slide-steel guitar always makes my head spin. My feet start stumping on the floor and it gives me shivers… and It also makes me want to play like that!!!

Have you heard of Andrew Winton? He is an Australian musician who performs in an very energetic, powerful and of course very very musical way. I personally love the tone of his voice too which I think fits really well with his music.

Winton’s sound has been said to be a cross between Ben Harper, Sting, Kelly-Joe Phelps and Harry Manx. His performances are driven by infectious rhythms, stunning slide, bluesy vocals, quirky lyrics and storytelling.

His style of playing, you can tell has been influenced by heavyweights such as Deep Purple, Zappa and Johnny Cash. I was surprised just how heavy a sound he gets with a distortion pedal.

He has 5 studio albums under his belt and I simply can’t wait to get them all!

Check out this video covering “Nobodys fault but mine”:

And also check out this video of him showing his new and unique double neck lap steel guitar:

Learn more about Luis Tovar on his Google profile.

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