December 7, 2023

Ben Edwards Psychobilly Part I

Well, I have finally managed to find a spare 10 minutes in my day to make my first blog post. I am SO sorry to all of the readers that have made requests that I write…. But here I am! There’s really no need for me to introduce myself being the ‘face’ of the popular Jamorama product, so I would instead like to welcome everyone to our Rock Star Recipes ‘blog-train’, so all aboard this mad locomotive of music, energy, thoughts and love.
Alright then, what can you expect me to write about? I am a lover of all guitars, gadgets, bits and bobs so you can expect me to regurgitate some conceptual ideas about what floats my boat with ‘guitar stuff’. You can also expect me to regularly offer some insightful and deep, metaphysical ways to approach your learning, playing, writing and jamming on your guitar (or ANY instrument for that matter)… so keep your eyes peeled. I`ll be posting again tomorrow about some inspiring and unique live shows I saw at the weekend so subscribe to the RSS feed and you`ll be the first to find out about all the crazy music madness  going on down here  and what`s really cookin` at Rock Star.

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