December 7, 2023

Ben Edwards psychobilly part III


So I had never seen ‘the Boss’ before and had only heard crazy and great things about him so I was anxious with anticipation. I could feel my chest tightening as the music between each act played on and it was at this time I noticed what seemed to be a crazed, long zz-top style bearded, drunk madman stumble onto the stage at the Wunderbar. I was confused and my heart pounded much harder when this bare-footed behemoth turned around and seemed to be wearing a black ‘Boss Christ’ muscle tee. The Boss then set up a ratty old kick drum, some old hi-hats, an old beat up hollow bodied electric and a lovely old valve amp. I could not believe my eyes and felt as though I could well have been some how mysteriously transported across the atlantic to some tiny, hick town in the mid-west USA where the local hill-billy, shed dwelling, tobacco chewing mad-man had arrived to play his renditions of country classics. The pre-show music faded away and the Boss started his show by stamping his bare-feet in stage and chanting in a deep, husky like growl. An a capella style intro that also felt like the beginnings of some form of ritualistic seance, it did work the crowd up in to a frenzy and set the scene for what was to follow. As Boss then picked up his old guitar, sat behind the drums and finished downing his 6 pint of beer, he lowly mumbled something and then kicked into a frenzy of HOT roots/blues style playing with a catchy country shuffle style groove permeating from out of the rickety old drum kit. Every head in the room nodded, and feet started tapping. I turned to look at the friend I was with and we both had smiles from ear to ear as we could feel the party beginning. After the 3rd song Boss was joined by legendary slide guitar player Delaney Davidson who jammed out the rest of the set on slide which just added an eerie edge to the foot-stomping, swamp rock that was being blasted out infront of me.

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