December 7, 2023

Ben Edwards psychobilly part IV

Most of the Boss songs were about Parties, Partying, drinking beer, drinking whisky, smoking or brewing home brew beer. Never had a seen a performer whom I believed they had fully lived and experienced EVERY aspect of every song they were singing about. There was something disturbingly impressive and intriguing about this man. He was a great player, and excellent singer however also seemed to not care at all about how he was perceived by anyone in the room. There was almost an air of arrogance about him, yet it could also be mistaken for a man that just simply doesn’t have a lot of social interaction. It seemed as though he would’ve been just as happy playing on tin cans and pipes as he was playing on his old gear and I think it would’ve been just as intensely enjoyable. This was one of the most interesting performances I have ever seen in my life, and because of it really got me thinking about how / we all approach playing, practicing and performing. For too long a lot of friends and I think have grown complacent with our playing, with our practice, with our performances. For too long it all now seems so ‘contrived’, so rehearsed, so passionless. It got me really thinking about the best players, the best songs and the best ‘feelings’
you get when you see a hot player or listen to an amazing song. What is the ‘one’ common thread that runs through all of these things? Passion.
It made me realize that for us all to be great players, great workers, great friends, great parents, great lovers… passion is what’s needed.

It’s so easy to get caught up with whether you have new strings on, am I in tune? What is the sound system like at the venue? Will there be a band rider? These are all too commonly asked and not backed up by intense passionate playing or song writing. I would go so far to say that Boss Christ was either the best or worst experience I have had in a long time, and if only to come to the realization that complacency will creep in to every single on of us at some point, and it does creep, it creeps slowly and infiltrates our beings. It’s at these times we need our very own Boss Christ to come and shake it up for us, remind us about what we really are doing!

Anyway… think about that….and next time you are playing or performing, if your audience aren’t on the edge of their seats for any reason… then I think you have failed.

Cheers! Keep up the great practice and I will return soon!

Ben Edwards

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