December 7, 2023

Ben Edwards Psychobilly Part II

So here we go! It’s Tuesday morning here in the Rock Star office and I am STILL struggling for breath and wobbly on my feet after a crazy show I attended on the weekend that got me really thinking about the precious-ness that has come to surround me and many of my musician buddies regarding how we play and approach live performing.

The Wunderbar in Lyttelton saw the 4th ‘Harbour sessions’ show come to town. To give you some background, The Harbour Sessions is a monthly showcase of some of New Zealand’s cream of independent, obscure acoustic musicians. I am not just talking about ‘Jewel or Jack Johnson’ rip off amateurs, we’re talking unique, obscure, bizarre, cute and catchy and this show was yet again a perfect example of this. The night started out with none other than Harley Williams playing his lovely, downbeat country influenced original songs and had the entire room at his finger tips. Luckily enough I had decided to take my mobile recording set up to capture the entire night’s work (consisting of a Black Lion modded 002…but that’s another story).

Next up was a strange set from a performer I can’t for the life of me remember now (it was either one of those really long 5 word names, or I had a few too many lagers by this point). This player had a gorgeous old Yamaha acoustic that he’s consciously decided to NEVER modify and put a pickup in so was au naturale so to speak. Mic’ed up this guitar sung like an angel from heaven, and accompanied with this guys crazy husky voice made for a very interesting contrast and an extremely memorable performance. Now, by this stage the venue was packed and each and every person mostly swaying to their own booze fueled rhythm, which was an ideal platform for the one and only ‘Boss Christ’ to step up…

Thanks to Geoff for the beautiful pictures of the Wunderbar.

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