December 11, 2023

Best Pick Holders

Are you always losing your guitar picks? You’re not the only one and to be honest a pick is a very easy thing to lose; they’re small and in most cases, super thin. So, if you’re getting tired of losing them, you should start thinking about getting a pick holder.

A pick holder is a great invention that has been around for years and years and you’ll find different types and versions created by many well known brands, and the best thing is that they are cheap and of course really useful.

So what are the options?

You’ve probably seen a few options around, let’s say that there are two main different types of pick holders, the ones that go on a mic stand and the more practical ones which stick onto your guitar’s body which is the way to go for the ones of us that do not sing and just rock hard with our guitars.

You probably have seen the mic stand pick holders, they are everywhere, in every show and yes, it is super easy to use and practical – Only if you sing or have a mic stand near you in every show.

For the non-singer guitarists, there are two different types that I’m aware of… the classic Dunlop 5005 Pick Holder and the Wedgie guitar pick holder.

The Wedgie pick holder is pretty cool as it can be placed on your guitar strings, just above the neck (in the headstock). What is good about this pick holder is that it is a flexible and soft material and doesn’t use any adhesive material. The Wedgie pick holder is suspended in the strings and of course, this won’t affect your guitar tuning or tone. The only bad point is that you can only hold 2 picks. But, do you need more than that?

If you do, Dunlop has another option which is made of plastic has an adhesive backing so you can place it wherever you want on your guitar. The good thing is that you can hold up to 10+ picks. Dunlop has also improved this model with its not so new pick holder which has a couple of improvements like, high impact plastic and a delrin spring system and reusable non-marring adhesive to preserve your guitar finish.

So those are your options; limited I’ll concede but either option will get your picks out of your mouth and safely stored away for when you need them. Job done!

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