December 11, 2023

Blues Boy King

Ever wondered where it`s at ?
It`s right here…check out the crossover between B.B.King here and Clapton`s live performance from the 1980 album Just One Night in Budokan. If you were going to buy ONLY ONE Clapton you need to buy about six…and don`t forget in a similar way to Hendrix, Clapton`s guitar prowess has overshadowed his songwriting genius…

1. Eric Clapton `Eric Clapton`
2. Eric Clapton `Just One Night`
3. John Mayalls Bluesbreakers `Beano` Album
4. Eric Clapton `Behind the Sun`
5. Eric Clapton `461 Ocean Boulevard`
6. The London Howlin` Wolf Sessions
7. Cream `Wheels of Fire` although all 3 albums are good
8. Eric Clapton `Sessions for Robert J`

This is what happens when you take Memphis – (Chicago) – to Surrey in the U.K.; man are King`s phrasing and tones bell like and sonorific?…but I`ve got a soft spot for Clapton cause I`m from the same village and used to bump into him when picking up the papers on a Sunday morning. He`s a great bloke.

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