December 12, 2023

Blues Threads – Mojo Hand

…you`re stuck between a rock and a hard place ?

…up to your middle at the crossroads trapped amid the gleam of a loamy moon?

…or find yerself petitioned by the Baron, aboard the skullbone trap  of the Devils midnight charter?

Well, if your black cat bone just evaporates into an unholy dust, your Black Spider Dumpling gots the taste of a drowning witch – sold to you by a snake oil trickster with  badluck in his teeth then you better head on over to

MOJO HAND !!!   straightaway  !!!   for the one and only blues threads and tryptichal parsimony that`ll knock the socks of Beelzeeeebub himself.

It`s where I buy my very own Pterodactyl Prophylactic (c) –


Jake Edwards

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