December 13, 2023

BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

Are you a die-hard electric guitar player that sometimes likes to lighten things up with an acoustic number or two? Are you tired of lugging around an electric and an acoustic guitar so you can play that one acoustic driven song in your set. If so, you can save yourself some heavy lifting and get an acoustic sound at the stomp of your foot.

As the name suggests the BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator simulates the sound of an acoustic guitar when you’re playing an electric guitar. It incorporates BOSS’s COSM ®
Acoustic-Modeling technology derived from their top-of-the-line AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Processor and let’s you quickly and easily dial up an acoustic sound.

There are four great acoustic simulations to choose from with two different acoustic body shapes to choose from: Standard or Jumbo. These can be further controlled with the Body and Top knobs. The Body knob cuts or boosts the resonance which would emanate from the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. While the Top knob lets you dial in the right amount of presence or ‘zing’ that is captured by a condenser microphone.

You can also add further depth to your sound with the built-in digital reverb effect making you sound like you’re playing in a great sounding room.

When it comes to output paths you have two options: send it to your amp for local sound and send it to the P.A for front of house sound.

BOSS’s AC-3 Acoustic Simulator gives the electric guitarist the option of leaving their acoustic guitar at home (if they have one) and seamlessly switching to a great sounding acoustic guitar with the stomp of a pedal. It means you can keep your preferred guitar always in hand while adding another guitar to your arsenal.

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