December 13, 2023

BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay

Boss have been creating guitar and bass effects for over 30 years and in their own words are known as the company “that put the “stomp” in “stompbox”. Not only have they developed a wide range of individual stomp pedals dedicated to a single effect (like the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay pedal) or function (Boss TU-2 and 3 tuners), but also multi-effects units and rhythm machines for musicians of all types.

Weighing in at just 1lb, this is one robust pedal that will faithfully replicate any sound you send through it with pin point accuracy. Options for guitar lick altering goodness include: three auto delay modes – 50ms, 200ms and 800ms. You can also manually adjust, to pin point accuracy an exact delay time from as low as 12.5ms to 800ms as with the auto mode.

The Hold Mode allows basic looping of a chord or lead lick. After playing the section you want to ‘hold’, engage the pedal and you will continue to hear it until you release the pedal.

It runs on both mains power and DC9V cells so can easily be added to your pedal arsenal by daisy chaining the power or stand alone with the DC9V. If using the latter, remember to unplug your leads when not using the pedal to conserve your battery.

For more delay options, consider the DD-7 which expands on the functions of the DD-3 and DD-6 with expanded delay times, new delay modes, external control option – allowing for tap delay and stereo output. While the DD-7 boasts more features than its predecessors, it’s interesting to note that Boss still sell more DD-3s, so it seems simple is sometimes better.

For a faithful digital delay pedal with little or no learning curve, essential features packaged in a robust and compact pedal, you really can’t go past the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay.

To hear the sonic effects capable with the DD-3 check out this video:

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