December 12, 2023

Carlos Santana

Who doesn’t know Mr. Carlos Santana?

Lately I’ve read several comments on the Internet about Carlos Santana, some of them not very positive:  “… I am tired of his playing”, “He hasn’t innovated”, “He plays the same thing,” blah blah blah!

I definitely respect everyone’s opinions but I also think that people who say these type of comments are probably very young kids who belong to a new generation, which also have grown listening to other musical styles and well, a few others are just envious of the Santana’s talent.

Carlos Santana was born in Jalisco, Mexico. Santana started playing the guitar since he was a kid but has been a great and successful guitarist since late 60’s until present. We must accept that his style has changed and has been everywhere regarding music styles; it has gone from his really cool Latin-psychedelic style, to straight forward Rock, and lately doing a lot more pop music, this is a respectable and admirable thing.

Just as I respect the opinions of those who do not like Carlos, also respect the decisions of the teacher Santana and I also have to say that I have been in love with his style since I was little, when my father would play Santana records for me at home… I think he has this great Latin feel and touch on the guitar that not many guitarists have, but Santana owns it, it’s in his blood!

Check out this great performance by Santana and his dream team playing “Oye como va”; written by another great Latin musician and percussionist “Tito Puente” in 1963. Santana made this song very popular in the 70’s.

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