December 12, 2023

CORT Earth Mini

Are you after a Mini guitar? I am sure that if you are a traveller, these type of guitars are your best choice, and let’s be honest, even if you are not into travelling at all, having a mini guitar at home is cool, they have a really good size, they are cute looking and they have a good tone, well, not all of them. I think I have heard live two or maybe three minis in my whole life.

A Mini Maton, owned by Dan – member of the Jamorama team who might have some time later to review his guitar – and a Cort Earth Mini, both of these guitars have great tone. Perhaps the Maton could win the battle, but let’s talk about the Cort Earth mini first!

I heard that the Cort Earth mini is like a small acoustic jewel, it comes in the ¾ format, which basically means that they are ¾ of the normal guitar size; but what are these guitars good for?

I think they are good for carrying it with you anywhere you go, if you go out camping on the weekend, if you go to the beach at night, if you go to a mates place, even if you go to the toilet… yeah! Inspiration can come anywhere, you never know. And of course, they are great for kids, beginners or for small handed people.

Let’s see this particular Cort guitar. Cort is a well known brand worldwide and they do things good… they have a product for anyone’s budget, from their more simple and cheap series to their AS or EVL series.

This Cort Earth Mini comes well packed and it also comes with a gig bag (soft) which is great to keep this beauty always safe. It has a dovetail neck joint, body is ¾ sized with solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. Neck is also Mahogany and the fretboard is rosewood as well as the bridge and the scale is 22 ¾”. Right! All good with the materials and specifications, what about the sound?

I am not an expert on mini guitars, however I can say that this guitar sounds good, I don’t think you’ll believe just how big a sound and how nice a sound that comes out of this mini. It has a great volume for its size, lacking of course of bass, but you were not expecting great low frequencies from a mini, were you?

The Cort Earth mini finishes are very minimalistic, it doesn’t have any designs or any particular finishes, it is more of a vintage looking acoustic guitar or as Cort’s people describe it: “vintage acoustics from the golden age of guitar building”.

What is cool about its finish is the feel of the wood, it does feel earthy, opened-pore, which is something that I really like on wood instruments, especially guitars. The fretboard is tiny and feels really really soft and nice, that is why this guitar could be a great guitar to start with for a beginner or a kid. A great thing this guitar has is black rubberized tuning pegs- not a must-have, but very comfortable if you think about it.

There are other brands making minis such as Martin, Taylor, Maton and many more, however the Cort Earth Mini is probably among the lowest priced in the market with great sound and good quality components, I would recommend it eyes closed – 100%! And it’s not like Cort is paying me for selling it.

Check this video and let me know what you think:

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