December 12, 2023

Custom Guitar Picks

You’ve got it all!

You’ve got the  licks down smooth, the riffs are smokin’ hot, and the hooks are so massive they exist in 4 dimensions…

Your guitar rig dropped straight out of heaven – an amplifier powered with nitrous fuelled, thermo-nuclear vacuum tubes  & platinum coated , fibre optic, solid gold circuitry gives you a guitar tone Eric Clapton could only just imagine. A glass fretboard with lasers for strings the fluid, melodic power of Van Halen, and pick ups crafted from the crystal skull of a Mayan god the blow-torch attack of Jimmy Page! Your effects rig incorporates an original,  liquid cooled, Hendrix’ brain powered by the flaming moon and the ghost of Robert Johnson.

So what do you give the guitarist who has it all?

Custom designed picks that’s what!   BOX FRESH!

Steve Clayton USA have developed a W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (what you see is what you get) online, interactive pick design tool that allows you to select plectrum material, colour and thickness and then upload your own designs.  You can add text and images, rotate, scale, reposition and preview the results online fast in real time. This application is very easy to use and a lot of fun.

You can also create an account and a log-in so your designs may be saved and previewed at anytime and there are plenty of stock images pre-loaded into the site so you can begin creating your custom guitar pick straight away.


Clayton also produce a range of Playboy themed guitars and plectrums if you’re having trouble looking for reasons to pick up that pick or embrace your guitar more readily.

Hope this helps make your life grooovy.


Jake Edwards

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