December 11, 2023

Custom Guitars

Hello,  It`s the weekend but that doesn`t mean I`m not blogging, songwriting, forgetting to eat and here ready to update your knowledge of the guitar from A to Z.

So check out Rick Toone` guitar luthiery here. Rick fuses the history and tradition of guitar luthiery with contemporary knowledge, physics science and materials. Check out Ricks site because it is a highly informative resource for anyone interested in how guitars actually work and how they could be improved. Rick has taken this thinking forward to pioneer such ideas as:

• Acoustic instrument with tremolo/vibrato
• Simple realtime at-the-bridge player-adjustable intonation and action
• Alternative neck-to-body joint designs for improved upper fret access
• Easy inclusion of electric guitar pickups in an acoustic instrument
• Asymmetrical ergonomic body shapes
• Use of locally grown sustainable woods for body and neck construction

Keep it real . Yeah!

Jake Edwards

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