December 12, 2023

David Gilmour

The Bright Side of Guitar History

Who doesn’t know David Gilmour? Very well known for being Pink Floyd frontman since 1968 and of course a Rock icon, great guitarist with a very peculiar voice.

Gilmour has one of those styles that can be recognized from miles away and of course, has never and will never be surpassed.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like Gilmour’s style and I want to keep it this way as I consider myself a huge fan, I’ve loved Pink Floyd since I was a kid, thanks to my mum for introducing them to me; and I also having Gilmour’s solo albums – On an Island is amazing!

So what’s Gilmour’s magic forumla?

Emotion and Good gear = David Gilmour.

Gilmour’s guitar playing style is very strong, it’s the fusion of two big things that not many guitarists can achieve in a lifetime: emotion and perfect sound production. You can also tell the blues influence he has on his solos combined with hugely expressive bends and lots of sustain, how could he go wrong with that formula? Play all that on a Fender Strat and you get the purest perfection that only Gilmour can create!

Gilmour was rated the 14th greatest guitarist by Rolling Stone. In January 2007, Guitar World readers voted Gilmour’s solos in, “Comfortably Numb”, “Time” and “Money” into the top 100 Greatest Guitar Solos (4th,21st and 62nd respectively). – “100 Greatest Guitar Solos: 51–100”. Guitar World. Retrieved 9 August 2010.

If you consider yourself one more fan among the millions worldwide, you should visit to find out all about his gear, although reading all the gear that Gilmour has used in his life is like a history class it itself, but well worth it.

It is very hard to pick a song from Pink Floyd or Gilmour. You are probably expecting me to show you “Comfortably Numb” or “Money” which have epic guitar solos, but no! I want you to check out this great and different version of “Shine on you crazy diamond” where Gilmour is playing a Lap guitar at the beginning. It is an amazing performance not only by him but the entire band, check it out:

PS. If you feel like adding a couple of records to your collection, get “On an Island” or the “Live in Gdansk” DVD.
PSPS. Get gilmourish!

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