December 12, 2023

Design your own Straps

Here`s a bit of fun!

And great news for the fashionista, cool-hungry dudes and dudettes out there amongst you. You can now style yourself completely from head to toe in custom designed guitar fashion of your own design. Yesiree – now that’s HIP!

IF you’ve already designed yourself a custom pick here at Steve Clayton Picks USA then you can also design a strap to match.

Yes it’s a serious business playing the ole’ guitar but at the end of the day sounding good is looking good!
(oh no it’s not!)

Strapgraphics have come to the fore with a W.Y.I.W.Y.G online guitar strap design interface that allows you to upload your own designs and customise straps using downloadable templates.

If you’re an artist Strapgraphics are also looking for talented designers to endorse, so if you’ve worn your fingers down to the bone playing and fancy a break then this might be your chance to shine!

We’re always looking for talented artists to endorse. Email your digital press kit to the following address, or send a hard copy to our PO box. We’ll take a look and get in touch with info about our endorsement program.

Hope you have fun!


Jake Edwards.

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