December 12, 2023

Dick Dale

Anyone from the 60´s reading this article? You will be super familiar with it… Rick Dale, “The King of the Surf Guitar”, included on the Rolling Stone top 100 best guitarists of all time. His style is as big and influential as Hendrix’s or any other of the amazingly talented guitarists from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Dick Dale is a pioneer of the Surf Music style, or surf rock. Chorus and Reverb were his biggest and closest friends to achieve the sound he had in mind; a similar sound to the sea waves?! Crazy but true! He worked closely with Fender to produce custom made amplifiers that included reverb, helped created his sound.

Dick Dale is a loud player, he probably blew a dozen Fender amps back in the ‘60s until Fender created the first ever 100 Watt guitar amplifier. Thank you Fender!!

I grew up listening to surf music, my father has always been a HUGE fan of The Ventures so I learned to dig this style since I was a kid.

If you can’t wait to listen to some nice tunes, check this Hendrix’s cover by Dick Dale, it all starts with a “Jimi, I’m still here, wish you were…”:

Hope you enjoy this post… If you are into Surf Rock, comment out your favorite tracks or bands!

I will be super keen to check them out!!!

Cheers to all!

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