December 12, 2023

Digitech Whammy

What’s ten years old, a furious red colour and squeels when you stamp on it?

NO, it’s not that; it’s the digitech whammy pedal.

It’s been a decade since the Whammy pedal  was introduced and now it has a permanent place in the history of rock and roll. The Whammy not only adds to your playing, it creates new sounds, feelings and textures – – this is  what has made the Whammy pedal a legend.
The Whammy is simple to use – Take your guitar’s sound and pitch shift it using a special algorithm, then control that pitch with an expression pedal, like an extended pitch shifting wah-wah. So easy and so expressive that it takes your playing to a new world of quirky dive bombing insanity further than any tremelo arm can reach and create bends that can only be found on other instruments.

{this video contains profane language and alot of whammy pedal

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is famed for his guitar style, which consists of heavy metal/punk hybrid riffs and hip hop-inspired sounds. If you have heard Rage Against the Machine’s eponymous debut album you`ll know exactly what this pedal sounds like – it’s all over this record like a violent rash. Morello’s guitar playing is characterized by heavy use of guitar effects, such as delay, modulation, wah, harmonizers, distortion, feedback, and others in unique ways and combinations. The most recognizable effect in Morello’s arsenal is the Digitech Whammy and he combines the whammy with some thumping grooves and hard hitting riffs that have now become classics.

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Jake Edwards

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