December 12, 2023

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE

A great acoustic electric guitar from Epiphone

Epiphones are usually seen as entry level products made by the hugely popular and historic guitar brand Gibson but Epiphone has taken out to the market some really high quality instruments and I am sure you will agree with that, perhaps you even own an Epiphone guitar and are super happy with it!

I have met heaps of guitarists using Epiphone guitars and not only sounding great but also looking nice too!

The past is gone… The vintage American Epiphone guitars were really good back in the day, and were used by artists ranging from The Beatles, Tom petty to Oasis. In the 1970’s the company shifted its focus to Asian production to reduce production costs, but not to decrease product quality…

Epiphone’s Masterbilt guitar series are one of the most complete expressions of the bang-for-buck philosophy. These guitars are a great option for serious acoustic players who are doing shows all over the place, pubs, dusty music festivals, private parties, etc. If you have a very expensive guitar but are afraid of damaging it with traveling, the Epiphone Masterbilt is your best mate, you can take it anywhere, it will sound as good as any other guitar, and the best thing is that these great guitars are way below the $1000 mark!

When I say that this guitar is going to sound as good as any others is because this particular model combines combines traditional construction methods and features with premium all-solid tone woods to bring you a new-vintage electric guitar with deep, rich lows, shimmering highs, and just the right amount of mids. Most of the guitars on this price range use pressed backs, spliced neck joints and even artificial wood, while this Epiphone Masterbilt holds true to its all solid wood promise.

The Masterbilt DR-500MCE is designed along the lines of the large-bodied, square-shouldered Hummingbird, an all-time classic that Gibson introduced in the early 60s, updated here with a rounded cutaway for excellent upper-fret access.

Tonal Characteristics:
The Masterbilt DR-500MCE offers outstanding depth and complexity in the same vain of the great large-bodied mahogany-and-spruce flat-tops. The solid spruce top presents an excellent clarity and complexity, while the mahogany back and sides contributes full lows and added complexity. All of this, and unsurpassed volume and projection, suit the Masterbilt DR-500MCE to a surprisingly wide range of playing styles.

What about its electric side?
While the Epiphone DR-500MCE sounds great unplugged, it really comes alive when plugged in, thanks to the eSonic2 preamp system. The eSonic2 preamp features a built-in, easy-to-use tuner. When engaged, the Epiphone guitar’s output is automatically muted, this is a really cool feature, especially when being on a stage.

Other controls on this state-of-the-art preamp include Master Volume, NanoFlex Tone, NanoMag Tone, Stereo Blend, Low Battery indicator, and a Phase switch to help eliminate unwanted feedback. The preamp uses two 2032 lithium watch batteries that are not only lightweight, but provide significantly longer battery life than old-fashioned, heavy 9V batteries.

The price of this amazing guitar varies from the $400 to $600 depending where you buy it. If you would like to find out more information about this beauty, you should check out Gibsons product web site.

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