December 12, 2023

Esoterik Guitars

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about PRS guitars and their Artist Package where you can fully customize your guitar. I really like that idea, customizing your own guitar which is basically what a Luthier could do for you, build your very own, unique and personalized guitar according to your needs and desires or even according to your dreams!

Esoterik guitars launched something like this, they announced their fully customizable ESO-C guitars with options of different woods, pickups, hardware, knob placement and much more.

For those who are wondering who and what Esoterik guitars are…

Esoterik guitars started as a high end, custom guitar manufacturer in 2010. They met up with the extremely talented and technical guitar player Dave Reffett. They signed Dave on as their first endorsement and now offer a full line of signature (DR) models. For those of you who still like customizing your own ax they now offer the ESO-C model where you can mix and match your choice of select woods, hardware and knob placement. Esoterik Guitars is dedicated to making the most practical, comfortable and best sounding guitars imaginable. Simply try one and you won’t turn back.

A young company which knows what and how to do what they want!

Esoterik guitars have a very Heavy Metal look, and yes, they are awesome for playing heavy music, from black metal to hard rock but they can also throw out a more warm but solid sound for blues or jazz, so you can go anywhere you want with these guitars!

So if you would like to create your own ESO-C, you have the following options:

– Body: Mahogany/Alder
– Neck: Walnut/Maple
– Headstock Overlay: Ebony/Rosewood/Koa
– Pickups: EMG/Seymour Duncan
– Knob Placement: Out of the way/Close volume
– Hardware: Floyd Rose/Kahler/TonePros with GraphTech nut and saddles
– Fret Board Pearl Dots: Centered/Bass Side/None
– Cover Plate Laser Engraving: E logo/Sun logo/Embryo logo/None

This model also features 24 Jumbo Frets, Neck Through Design, 25.5” Scale Length, Unique Body Contours, Dual Truss Rods and a Natural Oil Finish. All Esoterik Guitars are designed and handcrafted with the highest quality standards in San Luis Obispo, CA.

If you would like one, you would be looking at spending around $3,800. Visit Esoterik guitars website, they also have 3 more different models available, the DR1, DR2 and DR3. Check them all out.

Now get your earplugs on and check out this demo from Dave Reffett:

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