December 12, 2023

Fret Light guitars

Here`s where the GEAR – LEARNING crossover gets seriously real!
FRETLIGHT guitars are a sophisticated guitar learning tool that really do take the headache out of learning chords, scales and their interrelationships.  Fretlight guitars have light emitting diodes built into the guitar neck to illuminate your finger positions so you can instantly discover and play 100’s of chords, scales and arpeggios.

The guitar plugs directly into your PC too so there`s no need for clunky interfaces that need configuring, and, the supplied axemaster software is a fully-featured guitar fretboard diagram creation tool, as well as a platform for integrated HTML-based guitar lessons. The best part about AxMaster is it is totally customizable. The chords and scales can be lit up in any key, any fret range, and in any string combination so the player can experiment to their hearts delight.

Precise open tunings can be tweaked and saved and lit up on the Fretlight guitar. No other learning system can match the power of AxMaster and a Fretlight guitar. The advanced player can also make custom chord and scale diagrams and insert them into a list, called a Macro. Here they can instantly recall those or step through them with the optional dual footswitch.  A powerful Macro editor allows creation of custom progressions fully-loaded with a large list of chords, scales, arpeggios, triads and more. The guitars also support alternate tunings, and one click modulation displays note locations on the screen as well as on the Fretlight Guitar neck in real-time.

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Jake Edwards

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