December 11, 2023

Galasso Skate Guitar

So the new sensation is here and it comes from a chunk of maple called a skateboard. In fact it comes from broken skateboards… I couldn’t believe it at first, but it is more than real, it is now POPULAR!

I mentioned in another post that I had found a number of well-known and respected Argentinian Luthiers and I want to talk about one such man, Ezequiel Galasso.

Galasso guitars are really well known not only in Argentina, but also in the rest of South America, the U.S., Europe and even Asia.

Galasso has made some great guitars, ranging from classical guitars for Lito Nebbia (an Argentinean blues guitar player and singer); electric and mind blowing guitars and bass for a great Argentinean band called PEZ, and even a gigantic double guitar for the guitar virtuoso David Fiuczynski and more lately, the famous Skate guitar.

I was impressed when seeing the Galasso Skate Guitar in action not so long ago when watching a Pearl Jam show on T.V; it was in the hands of Mike Mccready who was playing a Ramones cover during a music festival in Buenos Aires. Well it was straight to google to find some more info about the guitar and I found out that it was build by this guy Ezequiel Galasso, a luthier I know about thanks to a good friend of mine.

The next morning, the skate guitar was all over the place, facebook, youtube, google+ and even newspapers.

Galasso has been a busy luthier making guitars for many artists (well known and not so), receiving emails from all over the globe, so if you want a customized guitar made for you, Galasso is a great option but you better act quickly because this guy is gonna get super busy, if he isn’t already.

For the skate lovers: If you’re interested in the Galasso Skate Guitar, the starting price is $1,000 USD + shipping.

If you want to check Galasso’s work, have a look around the following sites – prepare to see some amazing stuff.

Galasso’s Behance profile and Galasso guitars on Facebook.

If you like to see the Galasso Skate Guitar in action in the hands of Mr. Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, check this video out:

And something that CANNOT be missed is the guitar that Galasso made for David Fiuczynski:

So, now you know… Galasso guitars are going to rock the world!

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