December 12, 2023

Girls Guitars

I really don’t want to learn to play the guitar, but I want to get girls. Can your program be tweaked so I skip the guitar part and go directly to getting girls? Getting girls seems like a very important thing to do, but playing the guitar today is just being like a million other ordinary guys who can’t get girls because they spend all their time playing guitar. Really you should teach them to use their time getting girls, and that would make your program really great.
thank you.Lee.

Being a lazy, good for nothing, low down, dirty, blaggard will never get you anywhere on the guitar Lee. BUT being a sharp, acerbic, witty genius does get you first prize in the creative letter writing competition, free access to the JAMORAMA chord book and heaps of respect from us here at Jamorama. Rock on!

Here`s kaki king playing with pink noise!


Jake Edwards

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