December 12, 2023

Gourmet Guitar Strings

“Goddamn Jimmy, that’s some serious gourmet s**t!” Jules (Pulp Fiction)

In an industry that is, according to some, rapidly becoming mechanised it comes as no surprise to find that at least one company still produces affordable guitar strings by HAND. Yes, its true, by hand.

Approximately  85%+ of a guitar’s tone comes from the strings – the guitar itself only colours the basic tone created by the strings. The grooves in a roundwound string provide most of the upper order harmonics which are percieved as the brilliance and the attack – this is why a flatwound string has a more dull sound. As a string gets older these grooves fill in with dirt and through corrosion or wear and tear the string will loses most of its brilliance over time.


Up until the Second World War animal gut and silk were the materials from which guitar strings were manufactured. Albert Augustine, an instrument maker from New York, USA, was the first to produce guitar strings in Nylon. Augustine organised a blind test with company representatives from DuPont and they happened to choose nylon over gut as having the best sound. The DuPont company then supported Augustine’s initiative. When Andrés Segovia, the great Spanish guitar virtuoso, discovered Augustine’s strings he was an immediate convert

Richard Cocco Senior was born in Italy and came to the United States of America in 1951. Richard entered the string manufacturing business at the time when the first electric bass guitars were introduced. Fascinated by this new instrument, he developed the Cocco method of hand winding to make new strings which proved to be so fine that some of his first customers were America’s legendary electric bass guitar inventors.

After 10 years of collaboration, Mr. Cocco recognized in Mr Alfonso Annecchiarico the only one capable to continue his legacy. Today Alfonso Annecchiarico is the sole owner of R. Cocco strings and the only depository of Richard’s secrets. The best materials and the same machines designed and developed by Richard Cocco, Sr. continue to produce guitar strings that are exceptional.

Richard Cocco Strings are universally acclaimed by musicians for the perfection and purity of sound, which they product. The dedication to quality is heard in each set of hand woven and inspected strings. Today, these strings are sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia and sales are expanding every year. In keeping with this very rich tradition, we intend to stay ahead of the rest . . . to improve the best even though we make the best! From my hands to yours . . . . .

If you`d like to find out more about guitar strings check out Professor String here or for his article with a focus upon hand produced strings click here:

Handcrafted strings on a guitar or bass, are truly something to experience and hear. Some guitarists (particularly those recording) pay big money to have these strings on their guitar. In fact, some refer to these as “session strings”, as they are saved for recording their best tone tracks. The buttery smooth feel of a handcrafted string is second to none. They have a tone that is unmistakable and highly desired in the recording world. – Professor String

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