December 7, 2023

Guitar Effects pedals

Kia Ora Jake here. I just wanted to write a quick post in response to a few questions about guitar effects pedals. A boutique guitar effects pedal is most usually a hand built or a limited edition pedal built by electronic enthusiasts, or a modded (modified) pedal. Many people mod their Boss units for example. There`s a whole new world of quantum manipulation opportunities out there once you start buying some of the crazy and often deranged units. Obviously there`s time and a place for everything but if you want to continue along the consciousness bending, sonic roads of Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Tom Morello, Jonny Greenwood, Robert Fripp, Alan Holdsworth, Steve Hillage, Reeves Gabrels here are a few links to help you get really weird….soak up some of these, wring yourself out, and drink!


There were a few being built inside small transparent soap boxes a few years back…great if you need to wash all those fingerprints from across the surface of your brain! Tomorrow I`ll be having a brief look at the analogue versus digital argument, just so we all know exactly what we`ve been missing…

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