December 12, 2023

Guitar tuners

I think we all know what a guitar tuner is and how important it is to have our guitar always in tune.
There is no more important accessory than a tuner, period.

To start with, we often learn to tune the guitar to itself. Thankfully though, tuning your guitar to itself is no longer necessary – although I think you definitely should know how to do it – technology is on top of things and there are now more options besides the typical guitar tuners. There are floor pedals, rack units and even mobile apps so you can always have your guitar or bass in tune.

Are you happy with your current tuner? Perhaps you are looking for a new one… if you are, you should check out the “Clip on” tuners. They are super handy and super accurate.

At first, I didn’t think they were that good, but after seeing many guitarists using them, including the three guitarists I play with, I discovered they are the best! Another great thing is that there are heaps of brands/options out there and you can buy a good one for less than $20 bucks.

So just to give you a few examples of what is available:

KORG Pitchclip PC-1 clip on tuner

You know KORG and KORG tuners have always been great. Their highly accurate rackmount tuners and compact tuners are popular among seasoned pros and everyday musicians alike—in fact, many players’ first tuners bore the Korg name on their plastic housings.

– Tuning Range: A0 – C8
– Extremely compact
– Single chromatic tuning mode for guitar and bass
– Reversible display readout, easy to read
– Korg rates precision +/-1 cent

Price: $20.00

SEIKO STX2 Clip-on chromatic tuner

I know, Seiko is more recognized for their wristwatches as well as for the countdown clocks on some Olympic games. Seiko’s Clip-On tuner has an old-school, classic look which I like and of course, its accuracy is simply as perfect as a clock ticking.

– Tuning Range: A0 – C8
– Calibration: 435 Hz – 446 Hz
– Compact design for portability
– Excellent, precise tuning
– Sensitivity-Modulate function blocks out background noise when tuning in noisy areas

Price: $45

Fishman FT-1 Digital Tuner

This one is a beautifully small clip on tuner with a downside, its movability is not that handy when needing a quick tune while being on stage.

– Tuning Range: A0 – C8
– Calibration: 435 Hz – 445 Hz
– Modes for chromatic, 6- and 7-string guitar, bass, and ukulele
– Easy to reach controls
– Built-in switchable mic
– Extremely vibrant display

Price: $25

So now you know about Clip-On tuners. They are small, super handy and of course accurate. What else can you ask for? These are only three options among the dozens available in the market.

What to look for?

When looking for a Clip-On tuner you definitely should check out where it can be positioned on your guitar without getting in the way. Some of them could create problems for some headstocks. So my suggestion would be to go to your local store and check them all out.
It is hard to go wrong with a tuner these days in terms of accuracy, so focus more on its durability and portability.

Keep always in tune!

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