December 11, 2023

Hammond Leslie Cabinet Amplifier for guitar

Back in the 90`s I used to jam with Dylan and Kenny Jones (of The Who, The Faces, and Small Faces). I virtually lived at their studio for a few years and Dylan and I enjoyed alot Guinness. Kenny Jones could play the drums like nobodies business, in any style – he was seriously world class without any shadow of a doubt. I think his favourite drummer was Kenny Clarke when he was a young boy.

Anyway, one of the benefits of hanging out with these guys apart from the exposure to great, great musicians, was the equipment laying about. Drumkits from The Who were readily available as well the original Small Faces Hammond Organ and art Deco Style Leslie Cabinet and plenty of other bits and pieces!

The leslie cabinet contains a rotating horn speaker and a bass woofer above a rotating chamber. Beware!!  a big cabinet can suck you right in! Which brings me to the new Hammond Suzuki Guitar Leslie cabinet! Wow, it has a real spinning horn just like the real thing so you can produce those genuine helicopter whirlwind sounds and blow the windows out! Yeah.

Well, That’s all folks,

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