December 12, 2023

Hendrix Mosrite Strawberry Alarm Clock Centrefold

Back in the late 60`s things were so psychedelic even the guitars freaked out on Dr. Ugs.

Here`s Bakersfield California based company Mosrite proving that they too have been drinking the Electric Cool Aid. These guitars were made for the psychedelic Los Angeles band Strawberry Alarm Clock.

The DeVillain Centrefold is a folding electric guitar – the strings roll into the body when it’s folded, and when it is straightened out it’s ready to play. We’ll see about that – guitars tend to lose tuning if the temperature changes.

It was invented by SAS airline pilot Fredrik Johansson sick of damaging normal guitars whilst travelling. The bracket mechanism is made from aircraft grade aluminum, a great idea, although the DeVillain website is currently out of action – whot down somewhere over Korea.

Finally Gibson have made an exact replica of  the hand painted Flying V that Hendrix used on tour in Europe in 1967 and 1968, and features exact reproductions of Hendrix’s own hand-painted designs from the original.

If anyone would like a copy of the 1988 Guitar World issue featuring Hendrix and the V on the cover signed by none other than guitar legend RobinTrower write in, with your price in EUROS.

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