December 11, 2023

How to Play Wake Me Up by Avicii on Guitar

Learn how to play Wake Me Up by Avicii on guitar:

Here’s a song that’s modern and yet made for the acoustic guitar. The chords are very simple and flow together super easily once you’ve got a grasp of the basic fundamentals of guitar (Jamorama Beginners Guitar Course). It’s only three simple chords (Am, Fmaj7 & C), and has a simple strum.

However, the tricky part to this particular song is the speed of the strum. The trick to faster strumming has a few elements to it and I also go into all of these things in the Jamorama Beginners Guitar Course.

1. The first thing is to have good picking technique (How to Hold a Pick). Holding it confidently but lightly.
2. Great ‘tic-toc’ technique. the basis of ALL of your strumming.
3. Then the relaxed nature of the strumming arm. No tension.
4. The ‘Radius’ or size of the swing in the arm. The smaller it is, the faster you can go.

It’s a really good idea to spend some time practising in front of a mirror. Not just to check out your ‘Guitar face’, but to watch your strumming arm and ask yourself.

“Does it look relaxed?” “How big is the strumming radius?” What does it look like when I strum with a smaller radius?” “Do I look fat in this shirt?” “Is that ketchup on my face?”

If your strumming radius is too big, you’ll use up all of your energy trying to strum faster and just get tired. Simply make it tiny, and see how easy it is to strum as fast as you want.

Happy strumming Guitar Freaks!!

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