December 13, 2023

Introducing the JamEdge Newsletter

For all those guitarists who like to be in the know: The Free JamEdge Newsletter provides the most up to date guitar gear reviews, interesting ‘how to’ articles, inspirational guitarist videos, exclusive Jamorama offers, and can be found in the ‘The Free Stuff’ section of the Jamorama Website.

The JamEdge is all about giving guitarists the edge when it comes to guitar ‘know how’ and what’s new. Each newsletter covers a selection of interesting content so there’s always something for everyone.

And as extra incentive for people to sign up we also just added a couple of free guitar courses to choose from on signup.

The 10 Part Beginner Guitar Skills Course is a 3 week course that covers 10 fundamental guitar skills and is aimed at people starting learning guitar. By the end of the course, students are strumming chords and picking single notes, playing cool techniques like bends, and even have a blues under their belt!

The 9 Part Introduction to Lead Guitar Course is a longer and more challenging course for people who know the basics but want to develop their playing beyond that. Spread over 10 weeks, the course covers 5 fret positions of the pentatonic scale and enables you to solo over pretty much anything in both minor and major keys.

The sign up page can be found in the ‘The Free Stuff’ section of the site. Now no-body has any excuse for not being in-the-know!

Posted by Jon Coursey

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