December 11, 2023

Jamorama for Android, ios and Windows devices

If you’re a regular user of Jamorama you might have noticed a change to the video player in the last couple of weeks. That’s because we are now using Vimeo to stream our videos.

This change means better video performance across a greater range of devices – including Jamorama for Android, ios and Windows devices.

Previously, we relied on JW Player paired up with the Rackspace-Akamai video server. However, while this set up worked well for ios devices, it didn’t work so well for android, and the quality options in the player were limited.

With the new set up you can choose to watch your videos in full HD quality. Or, if you’re conscious of bandwidth usage, you can turn the HD setting off and the player will automatically deliver the appropriate video quality for your configuration. This is a great feature, especially if you want to stream our video lessons over your mobile data network.

Happy guitar learning!

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