December 11, 2023

John Mayer

Don’t look at me like that, John Mayer is way more than a pop artist singing “Daughters” or “Your body is wonderland”. Give him a break, he was probably just wanting to get all the ladies backstage – and he probably did.

I thought I knew John Mayer. But I only knew him as a pop singer, I wasn’t even aware he could play the guitar to be honest but he definitely can play and even better, he can feel it and makes you feel it too.

I am not a big follower of his work, but I definitely admit that his 2006 Continuum album is a must listen. I guarantee you will like it from beginning to end – I didn’t, not so long ago but it is definitely on my playlist now.

If you are not very acquainted with his work, check out a couple of videos from his live in L.A. DVD called “From where the light is”.

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