December 12, 2023

John Petrucci

The Architect of a Dream Theater

If you are into prog-rock, I am sure you have heard the name John Petrucci. He is a founder member and guitarist of a worldwide known band known as Dream Theater.

Dream Theater is one of the most popular and influential progressive bands of our era. They were influenced by the big prog-rockers bands from the 70’s but they brought to the table a new and different sound. They are also pioneers of the “Progressive metal” sound evolution.

John Petrucci is very well known for his technique, speed, powerful riffs and of course his perfection in sound. If you search for a list of “best guitarists in the world” Petrucci has to be in it, guaranteed!

John Petrucci has been a long standing veteran of Joe Satriani’s prestigious G3 tours along with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Paul Gilbert.

He has a very extensive discography and videography as well as books, worth checking out, have a look here.

If you are into his style, you should definitely own his “Rock Discipline” DVD. He is endorsed by Music Man guitars and you can check him out testing his new signature guitar in the video below:

And of course, a demonstration of “Glassgow kiss” a song from his solo album called Suspended animation.

If you like what you hear in the above videos, you should definitely check out Dream Theatre’s web site as they are starting a big tour later this year.

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