December 12, 2023

Learning to play the guitar with Jamorama in 2010

2010 is here and the Jamorama Team are very excited about what 2010 has in store. It’s always awesome to hear about progress that has been made and read the feedback regarding your learning and playing.

During the Christmas and New Year period we really got the impression that many new guitarists out there are experiencing a sense of being alone in their pursuit of playing the guitar.

It was great responding to all those who needed help and lend support, ideas and encouragement for those just starting out. We are also excited that more and more of you are interacting with other Jamorama guitarists and the Jamorama Team on Facebook.

One of the main obstacles that budding guitarists face is the feeling of isolation. You can feel like the only one struggling and can easily be discouraged when you’re trying to play that new chord or strum pattern (for the hundredth time) and don’t seem to be getting any closer. Your fingers are sore and you think, ‘Why not just give up?’.

The great thing is you are not as alone as you think!

Jamorama on Facebook provides a place for you to come and connect with other guitarists learning the same techniques and experiencing the same learning difficulties as you. The whole Jamorama Team is very active in the online community and we also have some very helpful articles in the ‘Discussion area’.

So next time you’re struggling with a particular exercise, jump on Facebook and let us all know. There’s a high chance someone is having the same struggle or has just got past it. Remember, you are NOT alone!

Be sure to share your wins too – there is nothing better than finally playing that tricky riff you’ve been working on.

Connect with the whole Jamorama Team and other Jamorama guitarists today.

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