December 12, 2023

Leo Nocentelli

What comes to mind if I say New Orleans and The Meters? I am sure you will say Funk! That is what Leo Nocentelli did, created The Meters and since then played the most funkiest guitar riffs.

You probably have heard the hugely popular “Cissy Strut” or “People say” by The Meters, if you are into Funk I am sure you’ll know these two songs. The Funk Master Leo Nocentelli was the creator of those two amazing guitar riffs, among thousands of others.

I guess funk has something that no other music genre has and unfortunately it’s not something that you can easily pin down. I just know that it’s hypnotic, it feels good, it sounds great, it is groovy and you love it!

Leo is often associated with the Gibson ES-335, which is the world’s first commercial thinline arch-top semi-acoustic electric guitar.

If you would like to get some of Leo’s secrets and funky chops, go grab your guitar and check out this extract from his “Secrets of Funk, using it and fusing it!”:

If you simply want to crank the volume up and shake your booty, this is the right video for you:

And if you want to see Leo Nocentelli having a jam with friends at Gibsons Showroom, check this out:

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