December 12, 2023

Luis Salinas, Magic Fusion!

Last week I introduced you to Rod and Gab, those innovative, guitar explorers doing great stuff. Now, I want to introduce you to another Latin American guitarist, Luis Salinas from Argentina.

He is of course very well known on that side of the World, but he has also been doing his thing on stages in Europe and the U.S. He is an amazing guitarist – very jazz influenced with his natural latin flavour, plus a very clean and brilliant technique, they call him “the master of improvisation”.

If you are wondering what type of music he plays, in a word it would be Fusion. He got pushed by his father and stepfather to play the guitar; they were both musicians with different styles, that is why Luis was very influenced by all sorts of music, and the best thing is that he can play anything. He is basically a self-taught guitarist, and you won’t believe this, he bought his first guitar when he was 27 and he has being musically active since 1994.

He has a very extensive discography and of course a big shelf at home with 5 great prizes from the Argentinian music Industry winning “best jazz albums”.

I think Luis Salinas is a guitarist you have to give it a go, check out this track called “Latin Bebop” from his “Solo guitarra” album, it is almost 3 minutes of pure guitar beauty, well executed with great harmonies, nice melodies and some bossa nova influenced rhythm:

And you should also check his live performance of “Funky Tango” with a full band:

Learn more about Luis Tovar on his Google profile.

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