December 12, 2023

Marshall 1970 rarity

SO, you`ve completed the Jamorama course and it`s time to get down to business and waltz through that White Stripes audition like the neck-burning, fret-ripping master of neo-vintage guitar coolness you have now become and give Jack White a good old run for his money. After all it`s about time they hired some new blood for the Seven Nation Army.

Una momento!

Just one problemo amigo!!

All you’ve got is a crummy old Teisco amplifier and a piece of nylon string driftwood that washed ashore in a local dumpster, by the winos under the bridge. You also know that The Stripes have got more coolness than a field of refridgerators on the dark side of the moon……..

Here is the ultimate in retro cool an Ultra Rare Original Red Tolex 1970 Marshall Half Stack. An all original 1970 Marshall Super Tremolo 100w head & matching cabinet in factory original red levant covering  in superb collectors grade condition and a must have for any serious Marshall amp collector. This amp has been owned by the same person from new since being originally purchased in 1970 in Lancashire England and as far as is known nothing has been done to the amp at all. The serial number dates it to 1969 but the tag board is dated 1970 and the cabinet has the original highly desirable Pre Rola Celestian G12M25 speakers. If you know old Marshalls then you do not need me to tell you that this amp sounds nothing short of incredible and has all the vibe and mojo that anyone would need out of a vintage Marshall.

Only 6 grand in British Sterling.

And, finally for more credibility than you can shake a stick at here is Johnny Ramones’ actual stage used 1960’s red Mosrite guitar that was in use between 1983 and 1988. It is the only Mosrite that he played in this color during his entire time in The Ramones and one of the few remaining guitars whose whereabouts are known. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an authentic piece of rock ‘n roll history from the Godfathers of punk: The Ramones.

A snip at $35,000 U.S.

Well, That`s all folks,

Jake Edwards

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