December 12, 2023

Marshall Hanwell speakers

It has been almost two years since the lovely Marshall amplification company made a dive into consumer audio with their cool Marshall Headphones. Now, they have gone into the deep blue and are working on the Marshall Hanwell speaker which is an iconic piece of audio equipment designed in remembrance of the amplification division’s 50th anniversary.

So what is it exactly? Not a guitar amp!

The Hanwell Speaker is basically a combo guitar amp but with the tiny difference that you won’t be able to plug your guitar in… it is specifically made to pump out your records or mp3 collection!

The Marshall Classic look… the cabinet is made out of wood and vinyl and it has an analog power switch which looks real badass! Plus of course the controls you need to crank your sounds out: volume, bass and treble. It comes with a single 3.5 mm jack so you can plug in your favorite music or media player.

The Hanwell cabinet is not for sale yet but Marshall announced it will be ready to market sometime in November, 2012. You better start saving but you will also have to be fast as Marshall has also announced that there will be a limited amount of this pretty little marshall monster.

Who wouldn’t like to have one in their living room? Imagine cranking all your music through a Marshall Cabinet? That is gonna be awesome, if you get to buy one please invite us to hang out with you – would you? We can bring some of our Jamorama Jamtracks!

For more info and to keep updated about the Marshall Hanwell cabinet, check out Marshall Headphones web site.

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