December 11, 2023

Michael Jacksons Guitarists

Michael Jackson not only left an impressive legacy in terms of dance, R and B, performance and humanitarian principles he also worked with the leaders in their respective fields of guitar from Jazz through to Rock. It`s just a shame that he never recorded a truly country blues album.

Jackson`s first album began with the luminescent touch of Larry Carlton, and on Beat It from Thriller included both Eddie Van Halen (you know that solo) and Steve Lukather as well as Jeff Porcaro (drums) and, as usual, Quincy Jones` inimitable production. The following album, Bad, featured Billy Idol`s guitarist Steve Stevens and on tour the fiery Jennifer Batten (later to work with Jeff Beck).

1992`s Dangerous saw the in clusion of Guns `n` Roses Slash and the album Invincible featured the melodic leads of Carlos Santana.

Fender have got together with Eddie Van Halen and introduced the Frankenstein replica model guitar as well as the EVH Brand.The Frankenstein is a complete snip at around $20,000 U.S. and you can even get yourself some matching shoes here if you`re a sucker for accessorising. Not bad going considering Eddie didn`t hesitate in describing his guitar as a “piece of shit”.Is it right to suppose that the dudes with 20 Grand spare to spend on this baby are likely limited to being either Eddie himself, or the kind of CEO`s who bid on Clapton`s bathwater in the vain hope that its tonic “qualities” offer the true elixir of snake oil blues talent in a bottle.Aaagh. If you do however have more sense than money I recommend coloured tape.

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