December 12, 2023

Mini Maton

A small bodied guitar with a very big voice!

A while ago Luis wrote a post about a Cort mini guitar and mentioned my Mini Maton, so I thought I would tell you a little more about that here.

I became intrigued by smaller bodied guitars when I was given an album of a local artist who played on a parlour sized guitar. I like the sound on the album and I began searching online to see what was available.

My search returned rich results, including an Australian made mini Maton EML6 – it also comes in a 12 String option (amazingly so, given its size). When I was in Sydney, Australia some time later, I was lucky enough to squeeze in on a factory tour to get a bit of history about Maton. Wow! What a story. Not only did I learn about the processes they use and see the making of various models in progress, I also witnessed the high degree of quality they demand.

At any stage in the creation of a guitar, if it’s not up to scratch, it doesn’t get signed off and is removed from production. I don’t know about the strike rate, but you can be sure that any Maton you see on a store shelf will be of the highest quality.

This experience confirmed my next guitar would be a mini Maton. Truth be told, I was quite taken by the EMD – Diesel special, not only for its looks but it’s unique tonal qualities. But, a chance listing on our local Auction site Trademe, had me hot on the trail of a mini Maton EML6. I tried it out and was impressed by its acoustic sound and very surprised by its electric sound. The entire mini range comes loaded with onboard electronics – which are made by an electronics company, just down the road from the Maton Factory.

A quick look at the specs:

Construction techniques remain the same for all models, but different timber used on the back, and sides makes for different tonal varieties.

Soundboard:”A” Grade Solid Sitka Spruce
Rosette:Laser Cut M logo design
Outer Binding:Black
Inner Binding:3 Ply EMS Only
EMS: Solid Blackwood
EML: Queensland Maple
EMS: Solid Blackwood
EML: Queensland Maple
Neck:Queensland Maple
Headstock:Queensland Maple
Fingerboard:Rosewood/Dot Inlays
Finish:Natural Satin
Pickup:EML: AP4, EMS: AP5
Pick Guard:EML: Black with Gold “M”, EMS: Tortoise Shell with Gold M
Machine Heads:Chrome Grover Rotomatic

The action is just right, although I did get it looked at after I got it, just to make sure and it continues to play beautifully. I’ve yet to play it plugged in, so for the most part, it has been sitting next to me at my desk, ready to be taken up at any spare moment and strummed.

If you’re after a smaller bodied guitar, for whatever reason, be it smaller hands/person – child, woman, unique look and sound… the Maton mini range is well worth a look. You can be sure of a big sound from small form.

Learn more about Dan Orr on his Google profile.

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