December 12, 2023

Miniature guitars

Did you know Slash’s Les Pauls aren’t made by Gibson?

When these miniature guitars first surfaced a few years back I rushed out to get one that matches my full size stratocaster in the vain hope that I could somehow reverse the process when buying a small scale Lamborghini Diablo Roadster. It didn’t work but, no matter, I’ve still got my bicycle.

The miniature guitars shown below are from miniature guitar outlet but mini guitars are available from a huge range of retailers and make a great display for your windowsill or mantelpiece.

Of course if you already own a Lamborghini you must have just about almost everything, so, just for you Ed Roman guitars in the holy town of Vegas have been commissioned to produce this rather lovely looking statement of wealth!
There’s nothing like a bit of ostentatious accessorising is there!

Ed, has some pretty entertaining rants going on over on his website and you’ll be very surprised by some of what he has to say especially regarding topics such as GHOST BUILDERS, why Gibson manufacture “shit sandwiches”, what’s wrong with Asian manufacturing, and other more politically incorrect topics. If you have some spare time head on over by clicking here, because you`ll be vastly entertained and you may learn quite alot too.

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