December 12, 2023

More about rhythm

We have talked about getting into rhythm and what rhythm is about. We have also talked about the importance of using a metronome when practicing to improve your timing. Time is one of the most important things in music, I am telling you as a drummer.

Have you had a Jam with a drummer? Guitar and drums are two very different instruments that combine really well and they can be a very important source of music creation – melodies and harmonies coming from the guitar and rhythm mainly coming from the drums.

You might have a friend who has a drumkit or who is keen to get into playing drums, if you don’t, you can buy a friend who is a drumkit itself, that is right, just buy a drum machine! Who needs friends anyway? Just kidding…

A metronome gives you rhythm and timing but it might be boring, in fact, it is really boring to play with a metronome; you, guitarists can replace a metronome with a drum machine and it will be way more fun to play.

A drum machine of course has perfect timing but it will also give you a clearer notion of rhythm, where rhythm is in certain drum beats which is what rhythm is all about. You will find that playing with a drumbeat or drum machine will make you discover the magic of the beat or the rhythm itself – silences, notes, gaps, spaces; play behind the beat, ahead, on the beat, etc.

What beat machine to buy?
There are as many options in the beat machine world as there are in the guitar world. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get one of those cheap, plastic keyboards from a department store which have a built-in drum machine, yes, those keyboards that look more like toys – they will have a crappy drum machine sound but they will do the trick.

If you do have some money to spend, well, let me tell you that a good drum machine can really be a good investment. BOSS and Alesis have some really good options at affordable prices, Kawai is another brand that has some affordable options too.

Having a good drum machine will also help you to get into creating beats and understand them, in other words, music composition. This is an ideal thing to have as a guitarist and it can open your guitar playing up to more a percussive style.

Hope you get the idea of what I mean… If you are keen on a drum machine and have some questions about a particular model or brand, comment it out and we will try to help.

Cheers to all!

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