December 12, 2023

Peavey Powerslide Guitar

This is a post about something very unique, heavily influenced by our posts on Andrew Winton
and John Butler trio on how to be unique , not just a slide guitar but a Peavey Power Slide guitar and you will love it, if you don’t already…

A brilliant idea…

The PowerSlide is like a lap steel guitar built to be played also like a regular guitar, obviously is not just a regular guitar, it has a big fat square neck, like it should be… Peavey has done a great job, I am actually in love with it and I want it so badly!

How Peavey defines it?

It’s not a Lap Steel, not a Dobro, and it’s not a conventional steel guitar. This instrument is in response to the huge number of requests we’ve gotten for a lap type steel that could be played standing up. The shape of the PowerSlide is designed to position the playing surface (fingerboard) to the left of the players body allowing unhampered access to the playing surface. The unique 4 point suspension and the special “Y” strap enable the PowerSlide to be played either horizontally or vertically (and almost anywhere in between).

Getting into the detail.

A revolutionary next generation slide instrument, ergonomically designed for maximum playability. Patent pending multi-point strap system allows for multiple vertical and horizontal playing styles, with a unique magnet loaded pickup with patented variable coil mode control
Radical patent pending design provides unprecedented neck access in vertical playing position.

.013 – .056 nickel wound strings
Specially designed “Y” strap included
Specially designed padded bag included
Steel slide included
Weight Unpacked: 6.17 lb(2.8 kg)
Weight Packed: 9.26 lb(4.2 kg)
Width Packed: 18.75″(47.625 cm)
Height Packed: 39.75″(100.965 cm)
Depth Packed: 3.75″(9.525 cm)

Shaped to fit the biggest bellies in the world!

That’s right, Peavey thought about everybody in the world who wants to play the Power Slide, it doesn’t matter if you’re as skinny as a Capellini or as big as a Tortelloni, this beauty will fit you and you will rock with it! Its shape is simply perfect, again, this power slide is very well made.

As Gypsy Carns from Peavey Electronics says after playing it: “Ahhh… it feels pretty good…”. does it sound as good? Hell yeah!!! check it out:

Learn more about Luis Tovar on his Google profile.

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