December 12, 2023

Pedal Label System

The pedal Label System is a great way to record your settings and give you the flexibility to remove them in the future.

If you’re a guitar pedal effect lover, you’ll know only too well the hassle of trying to remember that pedal set up you got one day that sounded so sweet. It is very common to set up your pedals with the sound you love, and then when going to your gig, your pedal configuration has magically changed. You can blame it on the roadie or yourself… but, now with Pedal Labels, this problem will no longer happen!

The Pedal Label system came about after viewing the necessity of the touring guitarist to maintain their settings on their pedals or pedal boards gig after gig.

When touring or carrying your gear extra crew might be helping out. Even if you are not a professional touring guitarist, if you play every week in a pub, some friends might offer to help carry your gear and this is when your pedal configuration can be messed up.

Not a problem anymore!

With the Pedal Label System you would simply mark the settings on the sheet, then peel the label and apply it to the pedal.

If you like to use different settings according to different venues or practice spaces, you can easily replace the old settings with a new label… it is as simple as that. So basically, you can have an already set up label for each venue or band you play with.

A very clever idea!

The pedal label system comes with multiple “styles” of pedal labels. A combination of labels could be used for complex pedals. Also, the pedal label system pack comes with individual knobs as well as toggle labels.

Each pack comes with 6 individual 9”x4” sheets. You will get all of the following labels in a pack:

3 Ibanez 4 knob labels
3 Ibanez 3 Knob labels
3 MXR Wide 2 knob labels
3 MXR 1 knob labels
9 MXR 2 knob labels
12 MXR 3 knob labels
9 BOSS 4 knob labels
9 BOSS 3 knob labels
6 Toggle labels
54 single knob labels

Pedal Labels is simply a great solution to get your sound set up the in a fast and simple way.

If you would like to try them out, click here to go to the Pedal Label System website.


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